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  2. - I’m trying to help you out Wally, you’re the one who keeps buying expensive Rothkos.

    - I have a disease! Would you tell an alcoholic to stop buying alcohol?

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  3. The distinction between Apocalypse Now and my film is that Coppola always resolved films with ready cash. There was always a lot of money flowing around. In my case, because I had to produce the film myself, I was down to the utmost limit. So I lived in a chicken coop and had nothing to eat anymore. But I remembered from Miami I had two bottles of shampoo — well, one was shampoo and the other was conditioner — and I traded it at the local market for four kilos of rice, and I ate rice for three or four weeks. That’s how I survived. No one can imagine how far down I was sometimesThere were lower points because there were more dramatic events, like if you’re building a camp for 1,100 people in the middle of the jungle and a border war breaks out and local people attack your camp and burn it to the ground. That’s a serious sort of thing. Besides that, there were accusations that I was committing human rights abuses — which were all fabricated — and a tribunal was set up against me. These things are hard to handle, and of course I still feel the pain.

    -German director/badass Werner Herzog (b. September 5, 1942) on the making of Fitzcarraldo.


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    Osamu Tezuka, 1970. Human Metamorphosis. Released in English by Vertical as The Book Of Human Insects.

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    Perfectly timed wedding photo

    so she’s marrying a shark in disguise right

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  9. Ice Cream, loss and Skeletor

    I dreamt of fighting zombies last night. I ordered a root beer float for a skeletor doll at a trendy diner. I used every fiber of my being not to completely break down crying when Thriller came on the overhead. My best friend would have been 27 today.

    I can’t express how much I miss him. How wrong the last few weeks have felt not having him here.  I knew today was going to be hard and it was.  But tonight there’s was a moment when the waiter said “Okay and a Root beer for the doll *sigh* does he want vanilla or chocolate ice cream”

    I panicked, and replied with “He likes surprises, he is love”

    I knew Travis was laughing his ass off at me and for the first time in two weeks I actually felt like I was celebrating his life instead of mourning my loss.

    I know this pain is never going to permanently go away, but it’s nice to know that neither will the in jokes, quirks and everything else that made our friendship so wonderful.